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BMWI research grant for AUBELE project

Project AUBELE is now listed in state research portal

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Harz University

Harz University
Friedrichstr. 57-59
38855 Wernigerode

argus electronic GmbH

argus GmbH
J.-Jungius-Str. 9
18059 Rostock

Elektro-Anlagenbau Rügen

EAB GmbH Rügen
Industriestraße 22
18528 Rügen

HarzOptics GmbH Wernigerode

HarzOptics GmbH
Dornbergsweg 2
38855 Wernigerode

AUBELE - self-sufficient LED lighting

Since September of 2010, argus electronic, EAB Rügen and HarzOptics are working on an ambitious research project in close cooperation with Harz University: Develop and create an environmental-friendly, self-sufficient LED lighting system for remote bus stops. The goal of project AUBELE is the realization of an autonomous electrical power supply by combining a hydrogen fuel cell with (optional) solar panels.

 Advantages of LED lighting

 High energy efficiency
 Less light pollution
 High CO2 savings
 Long life span
Beyond running on a CO2-free energy base, the project aims to create a lighting system "in sync" with the surrounding environment - with almost no negative effects on nocturnal insects and other animals and an only minimal contribution to the growing problem of light pollution. The team hopes that these qualities will make AUBELE a valuable lighting system for use in ecological sensible areas like national parks. 

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